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OK, kids. Let’s go over it one more time. Flying a Confederate flag isn’t about your heritage, especially if you’re in Michigan. Unless…maybe you consider hate your heritage. If you’re at a rally supposedly to protest lockdown orders in your state, and your brought Swastikas, hate is your heritage. Your parents taught it to you and you’re probably teaching it to your kids.

Greg Gutfeld, one of the idiots at Fox News and an example of conservative humor was being serious when he argued…you’re gonna love this…that just because someone’s waving a flag with a Swastika on it, doesn’t mean they’re a Nazi.

I always thought that if you wave a flag, you believed in what it stood for. When a flag is waved, you look to see who salutes. Apparently, Republicans salute Swastikas. What’s the deal with Republicans apologizing and defending Nazis?

When you see a sticker for a sports team on a vehicle, say the Dallas Cowboys, then you’re probably pretty safe to assume the owner of the vehicle is a Cowboys fan and someone to avoid. If I see you flying Hitler’s flag, I’m going to assume you’re a Nazi. From my experience, most people who aren’t Nazis don’t want to be associated with or mistaken for Nazis…or the Dallas Cowboys.

Donald Trump defended the Michigan protesters by saying there were “very good people” among them. When Nazis marched in Charlottesville chanting “Jews will not replace us,” and “Blood and soil,” he said there were “very fine people” among them.

These people in Michigan protesting for their rights to go outside, wave guns, eat at the Cheesecake Factory, are faking it. Their rights aren’t being violated. It’s not about those rights when you wave Confederate and Nazis flags. It’s not about your rights when you bring a noose made for lynching. It’s not about your rights when you bring Trump signs. And, it’s not about your rights when you bring guns. There’s been a larger effort to take away Cheesecake than your guns. You still have a constitutional right to own guns compensating for your tiny laughable excuse for a penis.

Seriously, what do Confederate flags, Swastikas, Trump signs, and nooses have to do with being told to stay home so we can protect each other from the coronavirus? There are some things that aren’t just about you. This is one of them and it’s pretty important. Get over yourself, you tiny-dicked Nazis.

These people are all about respecting the police and law enforcement…until you see a picture of an armed protester in Michigan’s capitol building shouting and spraying spittle in the face of a police officer. They’re all about your right to protest unless you’re a black football player kneeling during the national anthem. Colin Kaepernick never endangered anyone’s life by protesting. He only endangered his career.

Not only are these people hypocrites and haters, they’re selfish. They don’t believe the virus is as bad as the doctors, who work for Donald Trump, say it is. They believe the death count, that’s currently over 64,000, is embellished. And they don’t believe we need to abide by the guidelines the White House has put out…so they protest these stay-at-home guidelines endorsed by Donald Trump while waving signs supporting Donald Trump.

If you think this all-white crowd of Trump cultists and Nazis (I know. Redundant) are idiots, their “freeedom” sign confirms it. They didn’t just wave it at the protest. They hung it on the capitol building in Lansing above the protest. Was Mein Kampf full of typos? I don’t know because I never read it but I do know that American Nazis can’t spell. Have you seen Trump’s twitter account?

Maybe Gutfeld is right that waving a flag doesn’t mean you actually believe in what it stands for. These guys keep waving American flags but I don’t see anything American about them.

I hate Michigan Nazis.

~Clay Jones



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The lives of others indeed. Even on the Fucks ‘n’ Frens one of the hosts who had been banging on about it being ok if granny died to reopen, changed her tune when one of her own caught the Trumpvirus.




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It was a repeat of what Apeman posted just a few posts earlier, about raccoons.