Could a Navy SEAL spot another SEAL in a crowd by the way he looked?


William Hart, former Two-Fisted Frogman at United States Navy (1992-2012)
Answered Fri

Say I see a dude at…church…or an antique show, y’know, where I hang out. So this dude, hes in shape and wearing a polo shirt that looks like he found it outside. I walk a little closer and see he’s wearing shoes he could run or fight in and a watch the size of your head. As I see him, he sees me. He sees me seein’ him, I see him seein’ me. By the time I’m close enough to read his “BEAT IT NERD” tattoo, he sees my tattoo of a rooster with a crash helmet.

We talk for a second and figure out we’re both Team Guys, we both “know” the same strippers…in Guam, and we both hate antique shows. We talk a little longer and after we figure out the perfect bank robbery and the best way to deal with ex-wives, we decide to get into politics.

That was 2002, and that other Team Guy’s name was Barack Obama. This was a totally true story.

(but yeah sometimes we can)