D_M's Health Update


Maybe now you’ll be able to eat, since the one that was blocking your intake of food is gone

That will make you stronger and you’ll react better

I read a little and it’s not the worse case, it’s actually common to move to a couple nearby nodes, let’s just pray it doesn’t go anywhere else

Sumbitch nasty fucker is trying to fight, but you’ll hunt that bitch down, you’ll see

Hang in there, mang!


Fight harder, Blues up 3-0 in first round vs Minnesota. Something’s cooking.


Might be that your vitamin levels and electrolytes and all of that are messed up. That happened to me about 5 years ago when I came within an inch of heart failure.

Hang in there dude and I’m still praying for you.


Still in the hospital. I think it’s day 9… I made it clear to everyone involved I’m going home today.


woot woot




Best thing for you.


hospital sucks for recovery, in general.





I hope they got the nodes out. Aren’t you going to miss all those nurses?



Day 10 at the hospital. Maybe get out this evening.


How are you feeling aside from eager to get out?


Not too great. Still in a lot of pain from all the incisions into my gut and chest. Pain meds don’t provide much relief… just help to make you not care as much.

I’m really weak as well. Still need a walker, but I suspect I’ll get my sea legs back pretty quick once I get home.

The worse is I’m going to be on IV drips for at least another month or two. I fucking hate being tethered to anything at night. Makes it hard to sleep.


Damn. Sorry you’re still there. Why do they say they’re keeping you so long?


I developed a staphylococcus infection and they wanted to treat it here. I slowly had some coronary issues and they wanted to keep me on oxygen and a heart monitor…

I think they would have liked to keep me through the weekend, but see my spirit quickly fading and that’s worse than the illness. I would have likely checked myself out tomorrow anyway.


Wow. I hope you stabilize really quickly and get the fuck out of there. Hospitals suck.


I know what you mean. The hospital can definitely be spirit crushing.

There’s no place like home.

I hope you get there quickly so you can truly recover.


Your will to go home means you are fighting and you know the hospital is not the best place to return to normality

Just remember man, you survived worse


Would you like a subscription to something like an audio books set up? Happy to get you one