D_M's Health Update


Are you still using that weed goo you made up a few weeks ago?


Cancer is a disease that makes me want to go outside and scream at the Cosmos.


Taking a break from the RSO until I start chemo round 3. I’m walking around like a zombie the way it is from all the Morphine, Fentanyl and Ativan. Once I’m done with all the chemo treatments I’ll be hitting the RSO hard to rebuild my immune system.



Hang in there! You’re headed for remission. I can feel it.


Relish your personal time you and your wife get to share as you glide over this little speed bump in life.


Yeah, what they said.


I honestly don’t know how you’re walking at all given that cocktail. One Ativan and I’m out like a light nevermind the pain killers.


How are you doing, DM?


I couldn’t find the funny DR thread, so I’ll just repost this little gem here.


3rd best show in history of tele


The ex and I used to watch it every week, but when It got to the point, that you could almost time the witty insult and House’s miraculous life saving idea by your watch, we started losing interest, but it was a good show.


And, it was never Lupus, right?


The Sherlock series is equally as good but only 3 episodes a season so it doesn’t wear on you.


House never wore on me - most excellent show

yus are too fucking picky - I suppose you cud tell when Jesse was gona say bitch in BB

picky and twisty

oh - I cud time it



Yup. The formulaic structure was boring. It could have been great if they had done it as a serial rather than an episodic.


I watched every single episode of House so twist that mofo.



Are you watching ALONE and did you ever see LIE TO ME on the tele - one of the best shows ever


I do hope @D_M is doing okay. Eight days since his last post.



Nothing recent on his FB either, but he’s made arrangements to let us know if anything goes south.


I talked to him for a minute on here Friday night and he seemed ok and in decent spirits…