My close college buddy and his wife and kid (my teenaged godchild) came down with the COVID’s. The kid got it the worst (spent 6 hours in the COVID unit in their town yesterday), dad had some stomach and breathing issues, mom temporarily lost some smell and taste but got it back.

Hopefully no long-term issues. This year sucks.


Fuck covid.


An amazing number seem to think covid is a hoax.


I hope they make a full recovery and soon, Wabbit.

This year does suck indeed. I could have never made this stuff up.


Way too much politicking and game playing these days. Nobody has any credibility anymore.


The only party responsible for politicizing it was Trump. He didn’t want his precious stock market to go down.



I was talking in general. I think you watch too much CNN, you need to get out more; either that or be more attentive to your Lord and Master.:grin: