Damnit Inslee



Big tobacco and vape sellers shud all be kilt



Almost put big tabac out of business? Yeah, not a fucking chance.

Plus vaping is no better.

What BD6 said.


Can’t tell if serious…

While vaping is still bad for you, it’s leaps and bounds better than smoking. “No better”, is an absolutely WRONG statement.

This isn’t the scientific test, but it immediately showed a quick difference between the intake of tar, rat poison, etc and shit vs inhaling a water/nicotine mist.

The sketchy problems you hear about has NOTHING to do with regulated vapes. It’s all black market THC vapes. And just like gun control and abortion bans, legislators believe banning the open market won’t create an even further deregulated black market. Both lib and cons are ironically retarded in that aspect.


These fucking people who market the vape stuff

I would have their fucking heads on stakes until they fucking rot or the bugs eat them


Vaping is categorically better than cigarettes, not vaping is categorically better than vaping

Using vaping to stop smoking is categorically better than continuing to smoke.

I honestly say don’t worry about the 12yros vapeing, because in 6 years you’ll be able pay to smash that vape puss before they die of popcorn lung cancers. It’s a self solving problem.