"Death should be a right for any sane human."


Get out of my fucking mind


That article is a bit different but in this one it says that anyone that can pass the “entry test” can do it. Euthanasia is a bit different.

In my PERSONAL opinion I think that one could end it if you’re terminally sick and in pain. Not sure God would punish someone for that, but on the other hand, I’m a firm believer of karma. But imagine, how many people with depression might do the same if these machines become widely available? Someone has a disappointment with love, work, what happen? Look at societies where suicide is culturally tolerated, like Japan. Some of the highest rates in the world;

The article I read initially gave the impression that they would put this machines for easy access to anyone.
I think it was this one.


But in my opinion, our dearly missed friend DM was an example on how to deal with death. Fight to the end and never lose your spirit.


One might say you are already there.


Sadly, I don’t think any of us here really know what the end was like for brother DM.


Are you saying this is the ultimate Dutch Oven?


There are those who will not welcome their fait.


If God wants us to check out in unendurable pain, fuck Him.


Don’t be silly. You are anthropomorphizing “god”. Why would you think “god” wants anything? I mean, heck, as the supreme being don’t you think he has everything he wants already? :laughing:


So it’s YOU who wants us to endure horrible pain before we die.


Of course not. You make no sense. Please try to be logical in your discussion, Lotus.


I think she was speaking to Rancid, sir.

Not that she will deign to thank you, of course, for deftly dismembering his argument.


Thanks for mansplaining for me, and for throwing in the insult to boot. I did not see Woody disagreeing with rancid. I simply saw him doing his usual: arguing with everyone. And cagily agreeing with rancid here:

I was speaking to Hollywoody, not Rancid.


Did you know that Death has a Ski Team competing in the Olympics this year?


Are they wearing Depends inside those rubber suits?


You know, Lotus - it is said that if one can not grasp the mechanics of Karmic Law, then he/she might at least attempt understanding of cause and effect, and I would add from the standpoint of our enlightened age, justice. Does it not seem appropriate that if our actions, whether remembered or not, should bring personal consequence, that we take responsibility for them?


Do you know what a double-bind argument is?

Just wondering. And whether or not you do, why should my reading of the thread be inferior in any wise to yours, even if it is different?

Also, if I was addressing a man, how can that be mansplaining? Unless of course you are using the term the way an ape might use a leg bone, as a weapon to swing at anything that moves.




I’m going to have to take this comment to task unfortunately.

You honestly don’t know how DM dealt with death. There’s the public face of illness and the face those who are closest get to see. Those close get to see so much more than the brave bullshit face sick people put on so non-sick people a) think highly of a sick person b) aren’t burdened by illness as well c) stick around because no one wants to hang with a sick whiner. It’s just a fucking lie.

There is honestly no dignity or grace in being sick.


Please link to where I said it was? Jesus. You misinterpret almost everything I ever post.

And, yes, I know what a double bind is. And???


Here he is again, Spoon. Agreeing with rancid.

I won’t hold my breath for your “My bad. Clearly Hollywoody was not dismantling rancid’s argument.”