Death to Whitey!



Killing an 87 year old doesn’t seem like a very successful hit


If the dude that killed him ever gets out of prison, he’ll probably never have to buy drinks in certain Social Clubs in Boston ever again.


@Bigdukesix lock in a sock…

Federal Bureau of Prisons officials say one of the weapons used to murder him was a lock in a sock. Bulger was in a wheelchair when “several potential suspects” beat him to death, officials told NBC. The lock in a sock is a particularly grisly method, which involves a lock placed in a sock and swung like a mace.


I know next to nothing about this case. What’s the point of killing this old man?

Was it personal revenge for a killing he sanctioned or was it related to his criminal enterprise? Any ideas?


The guy that killed him was a hit man who hated rats and women beaters

whitey was a rat and a women killer


Got it, thanks.

Things don’t really seem to work out very well for these type of criminals. I guess it’s good for a while though.