Derek Chauvin, the cop who murdered George Floyd is a MAGA racist


Not that it’s a huge surprise… high time for murica to take out the white trash…




Bingo… No surprise


Ho Lee Fuk!


Said to be the scene outside of Derek’s abode.



Snopes says that pic with the red hat is bogus but I didnt read the details.

I support lynching in this case, fukk a buncha due process.

Also, I need journalists to release the fired Minneapolis officers’ excessive force reports with the same energy they release a Black victim’s arrest history.

Factoid: 92% of MPLS cops live outside the city.


Wrap that rope 13 times to insure it’ll hold the body’s weight at the snap.


I remember hearing that the guy who hanged the germans at Nuremberg placed the knot in a particular location that resulted in clean breaks and quick deaths for most of those he executed. But one mother fucker pissed him off so badly, he put the knot in a different spot, and let the bastard strangle to death. Something to keep in mind.




By the way, that’s not Chauvin in the MWGA hat. snopes


Yes, I think I mentioned that yesterday.

Evidently both Chauvin and the deceased’s family have lawyered up. There’s now a niche in personal injury law for victims of cop killings, and another niche for cops who kill.


Oop, you did indeed.





Lessons never learned


I see that they’ve found officers Chauvins home in the suburbs. Yep. He’s better off in jail.




No idea how true this is, but the internet is now saying an off duty out of district White Cop was the guy who kick started the rioting in Minny



So far the Pederson thing is just a FaceTwit meme. We’ll see what comes of it