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And you’re an obese cow mooching the system

What’s your point?

This is why the GOP wins

How do I mooch off the system? Tell me about that.

I don’t care about YOU. I can respond on the stupidity of your kind and not care about you. They’re not mutually exclusive, shitholer.


It’s obviously that whatever it is that you do for a living, you’re getting a lot more than you’re giving

That’s mooching the system


I’m sorry you’re a miserable woman who always dreads the fact that Trump won and that there’s never enough automated carts in Walmart

But hating on happy people is a new low for you


This guy is just angry and lashing out. Why is he still at cbt? Is he contributing to the.maintenance of this site?

Is he a moocher?


Evidently he’ll post any place where people pay attention to him.



Well I banned him but I guess that’s probably what he was going for… he used to seem at least reasonable half the time for a con before his racist prejudices and global trumpism totally rotted his mind…


It’s hard to say what he is looking for. Trumptards continue to be angry while they tell you how great everything is.

As for the racism, that was always his problem.