Don't trim trees in Hawaii


An elderly man who has not been publicly named died after falling into a lava tube, 22 feet below the surface, on his property in Hilo, on Hawaii’s Big Island, police said on Wednesday.


Have they recovered the selfies yet?


They are giant worms that made that tunnel

the goobermint knows and is trying to keep it top secret so as to not make the people scardy cats

these worms are all over and soon will attack

that movie was true

lava tube - LMAO


Shai Hulud.


Just an fyi, in Central Oregon around Bend, the retirement community for thousands of bucks up “Californians”. an area famous for all the more recent volcanic activity, ie close by lava and obsidian fields etc, .there are quite a few lava tubes.


I been in there

Don’t like enclosed spaces, turns out


A hi school buddy of mine joined the Navy around the time I did, he went into Subs, one of the first “trials by fire” they ran him through for confined pace tolerance, he freaked out, then got washed out of the Sub Nukes and transferred over to Surface Nukes.


5 minutes in a sub and I would tie my own jugular vein off - I spent a ot time reading about subs and sub life and you have to out of your fucking mind

esp wars 1 & 2



people are trying to kill you and I as we speak, that’s why so many of you feel better with a gun in the house. Guys I knew On subs in general liked it. It’s a small crew so more of a family vibe. the whole situation is purposely made as casual and quiet as possible, kitchen is always open to make a sammich or whatever.Being out to sea for literally months on end without a port call is part of the package, whether you are on the surface or sitting in a crevice on the bottom.