Dude looks like a lady


Maybe what’s really happening is that she is going the way of Caitlyn Jenner only opposite.


Another pornstar Alana Evans who looks to me like they were born male and had a sex change (not that there’s anything wrong with that) claims Trump chased her around the hotel room in his tighty whities…


Just got here…I have to say not one of the women in this thread makes the “I’d hit it” threshold for me. But I do find Brigitte Macron kind of interesting for her back story, in which she was Macron’s high school teacher “but didn’t get involved with him until he turned 18” (wink, wink.) …at which time she was 42 and had 3 children.


Come play with us.


Does that have anything at all to do with the topic? SMH @ the persistent misogyny.


Yes, it is responsive to some of the comments. That’s what a discussion looks like.


The comments about?


Maybe yer a girl then -


Definitely a lesbian trapped in a man’s body. :smile:


Me too


Reply 1, Reply 4, Reply 9, Reply 11, Reply 16…inter alia.


Has jackshit to do with their fuckability. FFS

Ditto. FFFS


I’m done. Such nonsense.




Is Stormy Daniels aka Stephanie Clifford former Christian metal artist Stephen Clifford? whoa





More dude looks like a lady from Team Trump aka Team Tranny





Definitely transgender:


Kushner could be a female to male transgender person but most of them that I’ve seen online are more masculine than he is.


Maybe he’s heading the other way. Like Caytlin.


Whoa… can’t believe I never noticed Kathy Griffin before. lol… crazy… total guy, like a crazy crossdresser with a tit job.



Looks like when Iggy Pop got into his mom’s closet and makeup case.