Duh errr....Climate change is a hoaks!


Hey, I don’t claim them as mine, moron.

I claim the otter as MY favorite animal.

Why the fuck would you be nasty about any of it?

Jealous bitch.


I am very far left. That’s what gets Oak so melty. She can’t quite figure out how to pigeonhole me, and that shorts out her brain.


Um, maybe because you have been being a FUCKING BITCH about Pits, repeatedly. See what I mean about you not knowing what you do in your posts? Posterist.


You’re not far left…PLEASE

You jump on bandwagons and then hint to how special you are because you know people in Hollywood, working for millionaires, etc

This is far left…he gives away 90% of his salary…he works tirelessly for his people…you can’t bother to use public transportation…left my fucking foot!!!


Ummm…is thing on?


I can’t BOTHER to use public transportation? That’s your litmus test? Oak, I have to go to work. There is NO WAY for me to get there on public transport in under 3 hours. Sorry, but you demanding that I do that is arrogant, ignorant, and clearly indicative of your nonsensical hatred of me. You don’t know jackshit about my life.

And I don’t think knowing people who worked on movie sets makes me special. EVERYONE here knows someone who did. You’re an idiot.


She can’t answer, so she chooses to fight with me to distract for her total ineptitude.

I shall stop answering her so that maybe you can get her to discuss dolphins and polar bears.


DM does it.

I used to defend your hypocrisy…no more.

Be real or STFU.



You’re just a hater.


YOU are a hater. YOu started the fighting today…you’re a bitch and I’m not your fucking punching bag, idiot.

Go fuck yourself!


Wow. Pot, kettle, Oak. YOU started the war, and you can end it. But you won’t, because you get a thrill from having someone to hate.


YOU can end it by ceasing to start new fights every fucking day.

I am not going to put up with your shit because you don’t agree with my points of view.

I am NOT ENTITLED to your opinion. So, if you dish it out, you’re going to get it.

This all started because of my opinion that you’re not a feminist…and you went fucking ape shit since. But it’s totally OKAY for YOU to have opinions.



Same goes for you.

But, since you started the war, you should take the first step. I did it last time, and stuck with it for two long years. It’s high time you made an effort.

It started because you insulted me repeatedly for no good reason.


How do I turn this thing up?


Not going to happen.

I stated an opinion about your feminism being bullshit. I stand by that.

You god damn insult people every damn day…who the fuck do you think you are, princess?


You are utterly delusional about your own ugliness. Constantly rationalizing and minimizing your bad behavior.


I don’t give a fuck…

YOU don’t matter. Making peace with you doesn’t matter.

You want peace, stop harassing me…we can reach détente, but I am never going to respect you.

Keep it up, and I will too.

It’s YOUR choice.


That’s true Lotus, you spend a lot of time insulting people here. Way more than anyone else from my estimation. You are really nasty about it, too. It’s not very feminine. : (




There’s still snow. Fake news