Effen with the Trumptards


I threw this up on FB last night, quite a few enraged responses.


feel free to use, property is theft.




This got pretty good play too.



It’s all those high taxes, strict gun control laws, strict air pollution laws, Hollywood liberals, marijuana addicts, and transexuals. That’s why California’s going down the tubes!!!

Oh. Wait. Did you say 5th LARGEST?

Never mind…


I had two idiots going round and round on FB, spewing all that stuff, they were in hysterics.


This is why I’m telling you that WA, OR, and CA should become a nation unto itself. We would beat the pants offa Murica!

Yay Cascadia!



does anyone read that rag?


Trump likes to look at the pichers on the cover, when he’s on there anyway.


Doesn’t he also go to the trouble of making fake covers with himself on there? That’s indicative of his longing to be on the cover. Sad.


The rest of the US could bring you to your fucking knees in 2 days (Tops) without the least bit of violence




Y shud I be?


PA vs CA. Nuff said.


Try this

No internet
No phones
No electric except for existing hydro until spare parts needed
No spare parts unless made in the area

No food except what you can grow

No meds except existing supplies

and on and on and on and on and on and on and on

no flights in or out
no ships in or out

and on and on and on and on


Have you ever heard os Silicon Valley? We’re the center of the internet universe and there is farmland all over California.


So the root servers are in silicon valley

what good is the internet if you cannot access anything

they chop the fiber to the area and yer fucking done


And a fairly healthy assortment of industry in SoCal.


Even if Joe’s teevee friend has to chop hisself on it.


Does anyone here ever go on twitter and read this stuff? Lord, he is such a moron.



I’m too busy reading the Yahoo boards about the lates SNL skit, wherein TRUMPbots by the THOUSANDS swoop in to tell us all how lame, unfunny and irrelevant this show is