Effen with the Trumptards


When it happens, I’m on the next U-Haul west.


I’ve read it before the replies were hilarious, it was totally trolled out the times I’ve seen it, I don’t think he actually makes the tweets himself, his flunkies and lawyers make them, I remember one of his lawyers admitted to making a tweet once… Trump’s illiterate…


I’m thinking…WA & OR could make it but the challenge for CA is gonna be water. Where will the water come from??


Might have to annex Lake Mead, or at least set up an Enclave around it.


Same place it comes from now.


So, Yer saying the goobermint would be cool with this - LMAO - they would make alright - back to the fucking stone age


Under the Rockies? Good luck.


Under the Rockies?


Fucking idiotic topic

get real