Emergency Prep


yoinked from FB

With all this unprecedented activity going on, I’d like to bring up some points. I was the Disaster Preparedness Coordinator for LA County Sheriff for years.
With Otis and Lincoln City evacuating, Newport is now gridlock. It’s a parking lot. This makes you realize in the event of a fire here, the 101 will be packed. Look at what happened in Paradise. Highway was so bogged down, some people couldn’t get out.
Think about where you’d go if you can’t get to the highway. An empty field, a cul-de-sac, the beach.
Keep a Go bag in your car.
Keep your car filled with gas all the time. I never go below 3/4. Look at all the gas stations that are overwhelmed right now.
I’m not trying to scare anyone. I’ve worked 4 major fires in SoCal, earthquakes, floods. I’ve seen a lot.
If you are told to evacuate…GO!!! Don’t wait. Go while the highway is passable. A lot of people wait til the last minute. That bogs down the highway and makes it difficult for First Responders to get through. You cannot fight your house fire with a garden hose. Please don’t try. Yes, it’s a house, your home…but your family needs YOU, not your house.
Just some wisdom I’d like to pass along.
Be safe everyone.