Europe: A Living Suicide


It’s a very fun band. I have seen them play live. 9 pieces that night. Lots of fun.

You aren’t an anti-semite, are you?


No way, I love smoked salmon!


A migrant in Germany kills one man with a knife. Meanwhile, in the USA, 9,000+ gun deaths, 18,000+ gun injuries and counting for 2017 And we don’t need no stinking migrants to help us reach these numbers.

I don’t know what “a living suicide” is, but the USA is better than Europe at it, trust me.


Countries have enough problems without importing new ones.


You seem angry.

Hello. I hope you are doing well.
I have a touch of the poison ivy.


Still don’t know what “living suicide” is.

Also, tired of false equivalency bs.


It’s the process of committing suicide…before you finally succeed. It may be a protracted death, but a certain one, and of self inflicted wound.

When one jumps off a bridge, they are living all the way down, but the suicide has already been committed even before the death occurs. So it is with Europe.


Kind of like the 300,000 obese overweight Mericans that die every year cause they were too fat? When are we going to say enough is enough and crack down on these junk food addicts and their dealers?



Don’t we, champ? We do have laws governing food, the ingredients and purity, and each individual makes a choice regarding their intake of foods and other substances. How’s the quit smoking effort and healthy eating going for you? I would be perfectly fine with another person’s choice on immigration if it had no negative effect upon me or anyone else, and then I too, and each individual, could make an individual choice in its regard., …
…no can do, Amigo. Other people’s bad choices do effect us, and they are not necessarily reversible when the deciderers finally wake up to their mistake. I mean, you don’t think Michel, Edgar and Baba, could all be wrong about the Islamic takeover of Europe, do you?

Andrea Jerkel is a moron, and now that she knows it, it may already be too late.


OMG! I was out at the laundromat and an obese person rammed their white van through the front window killin 2 injuring 6, got out and began screaming Double Whoppers are Great and started shooting.

I will NEVER launder my clothes there again. :angry:


Why don’t the moderate Trump supporters denounce these radicalized Trump Terrorists?


…and then it said (“it” because with the obese it is often difficult to determine gender), “Convert to Obesity or be smote. The Berger King have spoke.”


They probably went into a diabetic coma after one slurpee too many and blacked out. :slight_smile:



Yeah. Well, we definitely jumped off that bridge when we made capitalism god and corporate CEOs and banksters became the priests and/or ministers. This shit’s gonna blow up in our faces in our lifetimes, I’m betting. And it has fuck all to do with Islam.


Please, Lotus, please try to stay on topic.



Because they, like moose limbs, think violence is a justifiable means to an end. Radical conservatives are like that.


I agree, that is why i just ordered an ICBM Kit from Heathkit. Ima take out Mecca.