FB Ban # 99


I was “discussing” something with some one, and to make one of famous one liner put down total slammers, i paraphrased slightly the President of the United States rhetoric on the hordes of disease ridden criminals at the border, and I got a 3 day ban, like WTF?


Fuck facebook - no mor fer me


Yes, but on FB I get to covet my cousins el canyon grande’s vacay. And after that gets booring, I like showing the kids online how smart I are’s.


TYFYS! Saludo!


When you get on my level, every ban is a 30 day ban.



I have had a goodly number of those, these 3 days bans seem to be a newer thing, I mean holy fuck damn near exact quote from the potus and I get banned, strange times indeed.


Yea, I think Wolfie is pretty much a 30 day guy also.


Guys, a serious note here from a country with out any promise of free speech. Don’t let that shit die. Free and open dialogue is the way we solve problems without bombs.

We have a lot of problems, some very large bombs, and almost no discussion,


Our bombs are biglier


That’s why our words must be more powerful. We need the right people, saying the right things in the right way. Every restriction we put in the way makes the big boom more inevitable.

By the way, I agree. Your bombs are quite a bit bigger. Please don’t use them.


Relatively Mature Adult 2020


Fear is a powerful motivation. It is getting harder and harder to speak without offending people, or running into someone who for one reason or another doesn’t want you to speak.

I can see a spawning pool in the new SJW, ANTIFA, Alt-right/Alt-left movements. If we can’t find a way to move forward together it is very possible we will repeat the horrors of the 20th century. The two great wars, and the cold wars have wilted. But there are seeds growing in our youth that may overrun edan and collapse everything humanity has clawed back from a cruel and uncaring world.

I for one like having clean water and working sewerage.


People who complain about SJW are people who want to act like douchebags but melt down when someone tells them they’re acting like douchebags.


Y u mad tho?

Difference in opinion is what allows a functioning society to drive forward. If you gave anyone all the power they would crash you off a cliff just so they didn’t have control anymore.


What makes you think I’m mad? If you want to be a d-bag and then get upset when it’s pointed out, knock yourself out.


How was I being a douche? I’ve been utterly fucking delightful.


A friend of mine is always posting this…



I had a friend of a friend and his brother, marine core vets I think, who are both out of shape old trumpturds claiming on their page that trans people shouldn’t be allowed into the military, as if we’re somehow less capable than they are mentally or physically… then I posted a photo of a very muscular trans guy and told them he looks way more suited for the military than either one of you do… and that was about when they totally melted down, called me a SJW and blocked me so they could have their safe space…