Fire and Fury - Amazon reviews - Amazon is deleting troll reviews



I hope Donnie Dumfukk and his Atty’s really do try to sue Wolff.


Even the fox news scum lawyers said even a first week law student would not do it

impossible to win


Excellent review – I hope they don’t delete it!

I read a lots of books more than anyone and this book is a DISGRACE.Wolff is a loser A TOTAL LOSER and everyone knows it. you know it, I know it, everyone knows it.This book is NOT FOR SMART PEOPLE. Only a very for dumb people would read this TRASH. Only very dumb people like, not the kind of book I would read because I’m one of the SMARTEST PEOPLE. Ask anyone, anywhere in the world—ITS TRUE! If you like to read words, and I like to read words—I read a lot of words, every day. All kinds of words. I know More words than most people know. People are always saying I have THE BEST WORDS!!!. They always asking me about the words I read, because everyone wants to know—so if you want to read really good words then you should read THE ART OF THE DEAL it has tremendos words, really BIG BEAUTIFUL WORDS, you should read that book,It’s a really great book, really fantastic./ just a fantastic a book and one of the best books you can read so you should read that and not this LOSER wolff guy PATHETIC!!!


Not only can’t such a suit be won, the last thing tRump wants is his entire staff testifying under oath.