Fook kaliforniuh


lol that is all


You have a lot of anger issues.


The Trumpskyites on FB have been crying over California Straws all day. Like they all got the same memo


is that what that was, I was trying to figure it out, looked kind of like a whammy bar off of a guitar, then I figured it was some sort of gun part. lol


There are some idiocy in some ordinances. Seriously, like straws are suddenly a new thing.

How about the cups they serve frappucino’s in?


Boro should get off the left coast and move to somewhere more his speed, like Alabama, pure paradise right there…


Or Arizona is nice in the Summer, lots of sunshine and brown stuff.


Maybe he likes clean air and water, tho.


oh man, our gf is at her mom’s in AZ for the past week hatin it.


Brown stuff?


Just the landscape, when you’re from Oregon and go down to the Southwest Basin Desert Areas, everything just looks bleak and drab and in various shades of gray and brown.


Yeah, I’m sure that’s true. The desert has beauty that doesn’t resonate with most people, I don’t think.


Oh I do like the Desert, and I do recognize it’s beauty, but after a few days one misses the green green grass of home.


I’m sure, green and lush with a great climate is easy to love. The desert is much harder to appreciate for long term periods.


I couldn’t have said it better.




How much is a lot?


I don’t know. The vast majority of your posts are complaints and often they are about issues that are meaningless. In this instance, you’re complaining about people that want to get rid of straws.

In regards to straws, who cares? Why is this something you’re unhappy about?


Meth isn’t going to snort itself Oak.


Anything over 3 Angeries on the Moe Scale is considered unhealthy.