Fook kaliforniuh


Yer right Boro, it’s easier just to destroy the planet rather then try to a least keep even

So happy destroying - ya only get to do it once by the way


Sure laugh it off, but as nasty as any plastic pollution is, I don’t think those plastic sleeves on those items are going to kill as much marine life as the straws have been. Reducing pollution means a shitload of baby steps, reduce reuse and recycle.

Besides the items you right wing goons are posting pics of and guffawing over are not “Straws” per se but more of a Candy Product for like $12/ a pop. Do yer reserch!

Starbucks planned straw replacement is an adult “sippy cup” lid. to wit:


The irony is they’re not gonna have really an impact at all.

BUT you can go to jail :grinning:


it’s a meme, bro


CONS will focus on anything to distract from the Russian stooge occupying the White House.


they still simpering about straws on fb, oh and the pretty Democratic SOCIALIST has them pretty fired up too, I guess graduating 4th in your class at a prestigious highly ranked college while interning for a powerful senator proves you’re dumb


If that college was TRUMP U and the senator was Mitch McTurtle, then yeah.


The problem she has is not articulating how single payer will be paid for when she has a national audience. Trevor Noah isn’t exactly Fucker Carlson, yanno.

The wealthy do have a lot of money, but even they can’t pay for almost 20% of gdp in perpetuity.


I dunno, it just seems every other “advanced industrialized” Nation has a better health care delivery/finance system than what we have now. You should not have to stop and file bankruptcy after being discharged from the Hospital.

And yes a lot of the memes are attacking her lack of technical detail, that isn’t usually discussed too much on the campaign trail.

this meme actually gave me a chuckle. image


Libs don’t realize what multi tasking is.

Also I’m not a con, so good job.


They haven’t been spending their money on defense like we have. Honestly, it’s a jobs program for the unwashed masses as well as a defense against countries like Russia and China.

They would genuinely love to diminish the US any way that they can. Those left of center didn’t want to see it. 2016 opened my eyes


Straw whining is multi-tasking?

Buaaaa hahahaha hahaha haha ha


I’m not anti defense at all, I just think we spend waaay too much on it.


Probably, but we have to come to terms with the cost of defense, social security and medicare for 330 million people.

We don’t have 70 million people like England/UK does. There just aren’t easy answers. Like expectancy wax 59 years when we implemented social security. Think about how much longer we’re living…about 20 years longer than what we expected. That’s a gap I don’t believe we’ve closed.


The ss system was designed to be pay as you go ie the millenials will be paying you and me. The screaming we hear every few years about it’s going broke is due primarily to shifts in demographics, when births decline it messes up the pipeline of people, in general population has been expanding since at least the middle ages. With occasional declines and occasional “booms”


Straw-memeing is multi tasking.

I can’t find a single person who is legitimately “mad” about it.

Rather everyone is, once again, laughing at California.

You guys have human feces, needles and such littering streets and your worry is a half assed law about straws.


The only good thing about Kaliforniuh is their nature and earthquakes.


The other thing good about California is the very technology that makes your asinine troll even possible, pipsqueak.

Funny that you didn’t talk shit when you tried getting a job here. It’s too bad you didn’t pass muster. You never used to be such a hater about the state.


The older population is too large for the working population to cover. It’s simple demographics.

Sorry, but people need to fucking die or pay more into it.


I’m pretty sure other countries have old people too.


Exactly. (Which is something I’ve wondered about re the abortion debate)