For BD6


This is not about whether I call BD6 out since I’m not saying it’s ok for me to be a shitbag but not someone else. This is about your own hypocrisy because YOU are the one calling out others but deciding it doesn’t apply to you.

Get it? No? The problem isn’t on my end.


So you still refuse to call out Racist6?


That’s your red herring.


I’m kind of unclear about why it’s Wabbit’s job to call out someone whose racism YOU are pissed off about.


That’s what I’m saying. Homophobbot’s comprehension is sorely lacking, I suspect out of choice.


Trust me, we’re all a little bit sad that BD6 hasn’t been coming around lately, we all miss him yugely, he may be back when he is ready to come back, or he may not.

time will tell.


He’s been asking me to condemn BD6 as well.


Why do you people refuse to condemn racism?



It’s kind of clear that everyone is jumping over me for making a joke when no one has jumped all over Racist6, who is racist as fuck. I’ve called him out multiple times and, for fucking real, Oak has said “he’s just joking”.

The hypocrisy is absolutely blinding.




Racism is okay, fine and dandy at CBT!