For the internet is dark and full of Game of Thrones humor


One bets GRRM will NOT be invited.


Many years later, finally an update!





Actually that’d be maybe the one topic I haven’t seen done to death, one episode wonder, like Ian McShane as Ray in the episode the Hound came back.

Gotta think.





My wife and kids went to see grandma and I used the free time to binge watch GoT


All I had to say. I was glad I waited so long to watch it. Now only the last season to go, have to wait until 2019

What an amazing story, CGi, everything. Characters like Arya Stark and Daenerys are among some of the best ever seen in series.

It’s par with Breaking Bad IMO, even better

If you guys want to watch something really nice and different, try Black Mirror from Netflix.


Oh my god it feels GOOD to FINALLY understand these memes


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A bot has just written the script for season 8 episode 1, and it’s quite amusing. Click twice for to make bigly.









Yes, these are available for purchase