For the internet is dark and full of Game of Thrones humor


See you on the other side, friend. Remember I am some hours behind you. :wink:


The hype around this episode is real. Oh is it real. They deliver


Here is a watch party in Brazil and their reaction to the mission critical moment tonight






So, you decided to have a staring contest with the emo kid in the wheelchair and got your ass kicked by a girl


Oh, and Thanos was a n00b. Only half… /snort


Spoilers: The short battle between Danaerys and the Night King:



The afterlife viewing party last night



Best line from S8, E2… “I’ll get right on it.”


Just before Arya does the thing, NK should have uttered what would have been his one single line in the entire show:

“Oh, ho ho! You sly dog! You got me monologuing! I can’t believe it…”


There’s a prevailing theory as to where Bran went during all this. Apparently he was watching Endgame.



For the coffee is dark and full of Splenda


Shaken not stirred.

Ooopsie, wrong meme.





It’s good to have the two characters with the highest body counts back together again for another fun romp. One place to go, two people to see…


I guess it’s bad that I’ve never watched GoT?

Well, except for some random clips on YT.

But its fun watching everyone get wound up over
the last season.



No, it’s not bad you don’t watch. It’s a very acquired taste, fantasy. Granted this is beyond most fantasy endeavors but there is also the gruesome violence that a lot of people aren’t into.