Front holes


As if female sexual and reproductive anatomy isn’t complicated enough. In order to be inclusive, vaginas might be called “front holes”.

Hey let’s further dehumanize women, let’s nust call them holes.


Not to trivialize your disgust, but do you know the origin of the expression “to cornhole?”

I ask because people been calling bodily orifices “holes” for aeons irrespective of gender.


Shut your pie hole!


So, doctors have been advised to call women’s vaginas “holes” in the past?

I did not know that.

And we wonder why “me too” even happens.

God damn, what an attitude.


There is NO FUCKING NEED for you picking a fight with me. I’m not your enemy.

Doctors of medicine do NOT call the female vagina a hole. They are trying to do sex education, and evidently they’ve realized they’re dealing with uneducated Yahoos who don’t speak Latin.

Talking at a level your audience can understand is one of Alinsky’s fundamental rules for community organizing. Go dig him up and argue with him.


Did you read the article?

That’s not why they’re calling it a fucking “hole”.

And I never said you’re my enemy and I’m not treating you as such. I find your justification for the disrespect of women, well disrespectful.


Yes I did, and yes it is, at least to a greater extent than they are calling it a hole because of the straw man YOU have erected here.

I’ll note that it isn’t doctors who are calling it a hole. It’s the putative sex educators who are recommending such a term TO doctors who apparently aren’t buying it. And I’ll note further that they are calling it a hole because some of their target population calls it so.

I’m not disrespecting anyone, and you ARE treating me as an enemy – or at least you are treating me with a fair amount of hostility and animosity.

To be perfectly clear, it appears to me that some people don’t like the V word and prefer the H word. It seems to be a principled choice based not on ignorance but rather on a belief that the words we have been using for genitals are inadequate for a population that is not binary.

Because I am a cis male and quite accustomed to the binary words, this does give me pause. But I am not gonna throw five dollars worth of adrenaline at a nickel problem.


Knock it off, BOTH of you!


I don’t know about how you see it, but I think women deserve a measure of respect.


That’s fine.

But keep in mind the following:

Never argue with an idiot. They’ll just drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.

Besides you were being baited. Was it worth the spike in blood pressure?


I didn’t actually geta spike at all. I enjoy debate.

I can be hostile to ideas and not be angry at the individual. Not all of us can do that. I curse like a sailor and it’s not always a sign of anger on my part.

I’m good.





To what?