Futures in khakis trending down in overnight trading


That’s 8 of 10 for us over them and while MSU has won 3 Big Ten titles, a Rose Bowl, a Cotton Bowl, a trip to the playoffs, and 3 other bowl games what I’m hearing from back home and seeing online is that, SHUDDER, Harbaugh didn’t change the rivalry, it’s still Dantonio’s and IF Michigan can’t have Harbaugh come in and beat MSU (1-2) and Ohio State (0-2) the teams he was paid to beat, there’s no plan B when Jimmeh gets wanderlust and the Browns come calling. They just thought every other team would surrender because they brought in Captain Khakis.

How’s that #7 ranking taste? MSU has now beaten Michigan 11 times when they have been ranked in theTop 10/

Last ten years
Michigan 2-8 vs MSU, 1-9 vs OSU

Anne Arbor is a slut


At least one of our Teams had a good day. (SMH WTF Smiley)


What does SMH mean???


Shaking My Head


Thank you.


In other ways I’ve seen it referred to as So Much Hate as well so check the context


Slamming Mr. Harbaugh?


Yup, so is the SE Michigan media :wink: Also, here are the Michigan alumni today, WE’RE LOSING, THEY’RE BURYING US ALIVE!!: