"Give me my WALL or I'll make us a nation of child abusing maggots"


After three days of WH lies, we know the zero tolerance bullshit is a Trump and Sessions invention. It doesn’t come from 1997 or “the Dems.” And evidently there is NO PLAN for how to reunite these families.

So finally Trump gives the lie to his own claims by offering to stop destroying families if Dems give him his wall. I have no words for this.


Bout sums it up


It’s almost all I’ve been posting about. I’m livid.




Yeah, it’s almost all I’ve been thinking and reading about. Posting about it may provide me moments of catharsis but otherwise does very little to ameliorate the situation.

Besides that, fuck making deals with Trump, the infamous welsher.


I am going to send some money to Be to O’Rourke’s campaign in Texas. He’s running against that maggot, Ted Cruz, and is on the forefront of this issue. It is something concrete I can do. I think that supporting the right candidates and keeping Nov in mind is one way to go.


“Maybe there is a beast… maybe it’s only us.”

― William Golding, Lord of the Flies


I’m so glad America is Great now.


It’s so fucking disgraceful









Here is my thinking about this Goddamned wall.

We should select a 1 kilometer stretch along the banks of the Rio Grande near the Gulf and erect a wall as follows.

The wall will consist of 3,240 precast concrete parking stops of the sort you find in any parking lot. They are six feet long and will span roughly 0.61 miles if laid end to end. This wall will be 9 inches thick and 5 inches high.

Half of the blocks should be dyed orange (honoring Trump) and the other half should be dyed yellow (honoring Sessions.) And there is one other detail.

The human body contains 270 distinct bones at birth, but some of them will fuse and the adult body only has 206 distinct bones. However, postmortem those fused bones (such as the ones in the skull) can be separated using a three pound machinist’s hammer or other appropriate tool. So if each parking block has one bone cast into it during production, there will be exactly the right number of bones for the number of blocks specified…270 orange blocks and 270 yellow ones.

The blocks can be installed by volunteers using a small excavator, and the resulting structure can be forever after known as the “Trump/Sessions Memorial Border Wall” …to which two pretentious fuckwads have truly given their all.


Afterthought… it would be less expensive to use a bandsaw rather than bothering to dissect a couple of corpses.

I’m not advocating homicide or mayhem. My expectation is that some other person or persons, unknown to me, will take care of that.


Here’s what my Mexican blood screams for



Some of them Beaucoup Harem folks are fine people


The story so far…