Good news, Patriots!


People with a history of mental illness, drug abuse and self-mutilation can now apply to serve in the U.S. Army, according to a report on Sunday, which emerged as a former Air Force recruit’s mass shooting at a Texas church continues raising questions about the military’s handling of mental health problems.

The Army signed off on the change of policy in August but never announced it, USA Today reported. The decision comes while the Army struggles to meet its goal of recruiting 80,000 new soldiers by September 2018, as President Donald Trump ramps up the years-long battle against terror groups.


A friend of mine stopped by this afternoon and he said something about this and we were talking about the drill instructor guy who got 10 years for abusing enlistees… he said most of his PTSD didn’t come from getting shot in the leg in Iraq, it came from the military itself and he said he already had PTSD from the military before he even got to Iraq.


We had a few guys snap or breakdown in Navy boot, which is to my understanding a bit mellower compared to the Army and our Marine friends over the fence. Some people can’t handle being yelled at i guess.


He said if you fucked up they’d come around and say head or gut and if you said head you got punched in the face, if you said gut you punched in the gut and then when you doubled over you got kneed or punched in the head, and you’d have like 3 mother fuckers on you. He said they broke everyone down eventually somehow or another.


Sounds like the Marines they used to be pretty brutal. I met this guy in the VA Hospital once he had the Marines during Nam he was a big dude 6’5" or so over 200 pounds was a Football Basketball star in High School. He said almost as soon as he got off the airport shuttle and they were all lined up, he was feeling pretty cocky and had a grin on his face thinking he is the stud in the group being the biggest and baddest looking recruit, then the DI hits him right in the gut with a 3 foot 2x4 knocking him down…


Jesus Christ!

I thought that was just movie nonsense.


There’s always been a fine line between breaking them down and rebuilding them as Soldiers willing to die for God and Country.


Well, now with the floodgates open for anyone at all to join up, I bet those breakdowns will come even sooner, praise the lord.