Got into our apartment


Get on the social media site “NextDoor” you’ll get free stuff and garage sale notices etc in your immediate area.


So you can’t just like go into the DMV here and wait your turn and get a driver’s license?

My girlfriend inquired today because she seems to have lost her driver’s license over the weekend and I guess you have to make an appointment and the first available appointment is in February…


You can go, but in all seriousness, pack yourself a lunch. You will be there for hours.


Did you look on their website, in Oregon you can do quite a few things online. (Not sure about replacing a lost card is included in that tho)


wow finally getting out of our period of being really fucking broke. I got some money for my car yesterday, she gets paid here in a couple days… I have a check for web work on the way.

We went to the dollar tree and got $47 worth of just various household goods, and spices etc. a couple real plates… I bought a fucking iron skillet at walmart, I hated not having an iron skillet, we got her a cheap desk and a cheap office chair at Target… a fan for the bedroom so it’s not all stuffy.

Oh and she got a 1100 thread count sheet set for like $24 at Wally World… she was so happy…

I have a new desktop and 27" monitor on the way.

Someday we’ll have a couch and television.


It’s a matter of time. Give it a year, you’ll have so much shit and ask yourself, what is all this shit?


Got a used couch delivered for $100, it’s modern looking, big… getting a lightly used Ikea chair and table delivered tomorrow for $75.

So we went and looked at the couch last night and the dude (younger guy) and his buddy were outside in the parking lot when we got there… and right when we got out of the car we both got a whiff of some strong skunkweed.

So him and his friend brought the couch over tonight and I was like… hey man, I hate to just hit up strangers but do you know anywhere that I could get weed cheaper than the stores… and he was like well… I could sell you some… and he’s supposed to hook us up tomorrow lol. Somehow I keep finding weed without having to succumb to the store prices. :slight_smile:


People( including me) save things because they seemingly have value. When you think about it, though, you may just be paying a ton of money for storage space and taxes on that space. If you can, toss it!:slightly_smiling_face:


Meanwhile in Illinois this morning.


What are your impressions the last few days? Trader Joe’s and sich?


The apartment is great, lots of stuff nearby, Napa and the whole area are amazing, everything is expensive, we’ve been on a budget and hanging out at home. Trader joe’s is our main grocery store but we go to Safeway a little too.


It’s extremely expensive!


See if you have a winco nearby sort of like a costco for groceries. But no membership req.


It sounds like a very interesting change, that doesn’t have to cost a lot.:slightly_smiling_face: