Gotta new neighbor down the block


Looked like a nice guy as he was moving in, we exchanged neighborly nods…walking by his place today, I think the American Flag he’s flying is the Betsy Ross, WTF?


Fuck neighbors

I fucking got no use for neighbors

Go bake him a cake whydontya


I’m working on the best ingress/egress options for setting his flag on fire.One of these nights. although just stealing it would be easiest.


Betsy Ross - so what - it ain’t nazi or rebel


Yeah, wtf Ape…he may just be one of those constitutional patriots and not a nazi or white nationalist. Keep yer powder dry but don’t go off half-cocked.


I actually walked by his place again, it’s not actually a flag, but one of those cloth wavy banner things, like you might see at a car lot or small business, in the flag motif.




Looks like he has nosy neighbors


I asked him not to move right next to the trail down to the beach.


That up coming tsunami will take care of that


Oh sure, but in the mean time…waddya gonna do?


Give him a printed copy of the Flag code, since he has no clue how to display it properly.

edit: just scanned up and was reminded it’s not a real flag.

Thus, no law against setting it on fire.


There rarely there, I think they must be in the hospitality biz…


Ain’t no law against burning a real flag, in fact doesn’t the flag code indicate that as a means of disposal?


iirc, to burn a flag it needs to be a worn out rag of a flag without having been involved in an historically momentous moment. (Like yer Iwo Jimas an shit)


Or have touched the ground?


That too if I remember my Boy Scout Flag Code.


Supreme court sez ya can light one up anytime ya want - June 21, 1989 - do some book learnin


You think you with your fancy pants googles and whatever internet bs are so smart!


I did not have to google it - this is common knowledge to most