Gotta new neighbor down the block


Looked like a nice guy as he was moving in, we exchanged neighborly nods…walking by his place today, I think the American Flag he’s flying is the Betsy Ross, WTF?


Fuck neighbors

I fucking got no use for neighbors

Go bake him a cake whydontya


I’m working on the best ingress/egress options for setting his flag on fire.One of these nights. although just stealing it would be easiest.


Betsy Ross - so what - it ain’t nazi or rebel


Yeah, wtf Ape…he may just be one of those constitutional patriots and not a nazi or white nationalist. Keep yer powder dry but don’t go off half-cocked.


I actually walked by his place again, it’s not actually a flag, but one of those cloth wavy banner things, like you might see at a car lot or small business, in the flag motif.