Great corn tonight


Add a pinch of sugar and milk and it makes it great

Thank me later or not at all


Creamed corn?

I like it on the cob.


on the cob


Oh, I might try that.


How does one infuse an ear of corn in milk?


This was great corn so

I sed - this is great corn and she sed she did something different - added a pinch of sugar and milk

I will ask her exactly how much when she out the shower


Does she boil the corn? The probably just adds a little milk with the sugar (which my granny put in everything) a pinch here, a dash there and a tablespoon in this.


Yes boil - she only put a teaspoon of each - there are recipes on the net that use a lot more


Like I posted once before, the secret to awesome great corn is to boil it immediately after picking it.


Is that a lame attempt at corny humor?:slightly_smiling_face:


Doesn’t the sound of the corn screaming as you drop it in the scalding water bother you tho?


No, just lobsters, I get mine already cooked.


Shucks, I wish I would have known that


IKR? That really gits muh grits.