They do make nice salad bowls if you cut the top off.


Yeah, I’ll be keeping my tube screamer… like 16 years ago I sold a whole box of these guitar magazines for like $300 on ebay, now I see people wanting $25-$30 an issue for them.


Thanks! I’ll check around to see what there is locally. I want to play it before I buy anything.


I just wanted to give you guys an update on what I’ve done with your wonderful advice so far.

I have focused on doing chromatic scales (I think that’s what it’s called) so I can get used to using my little finger more. I have worked on doing blues scales and jam with my husband using only those notes.

I have been working on transitioning between chords and I have learned a few more. I still haven’t got B or F down yet. :confused:

I got my hands on the Tabs app and have been playing a few songs again that I used to play like Yesterday, Dueling Banjos and Seven Nation Army.

I’m having a hell of a time picking strings though because I don’t have full sight in my right eye so I’ve been working on knowing where the strings are by feel.

Does anyone have any tips when it comes to hitting strings? Like is there a place to put your hand so you know where the strings are by rote or does that just come with time?


I assume you mean, with your right hand. If you’re playing with a plectrum (flat pick) you really shouldn’t anchor your hand anywhere because there is wrist motion involved…or should be. It’s just a matter of developing muscle memory so that your hand knows where the strings are. If you’re playing with your thumb and fingers, it’s possible to rest your pinky on the instrument in a set spot, but this should be a temporary measure that you don’t keep up for long…a month or two, tops.


I only rest my hand when I am playing bass. I wasn’t sure if there was that trick for guitar or not.


Just tell her a guitar is like a woman. With lots of practice, you know just where to pluck to make the pretty noises come out.


if that was the case, I’d be the best guitar player in this joint. :smile:


Keep your fingers on the strings and you soon might be.

I tried to upload an mp4, but this place won’t let me.


try again



Up the file size. The clip I wanted to put up is 6.1 megs


Thanks for trying but no go, try Soundcloud.


Can you take a .3gp movie?


I can probably get it to upload but what kind of player does it require to play it?


Give it a try…


Nope, don’t work. I just had some old clips lying around on this comp and wanted to show Darla Starling to keep her going on the strings

The smallest clip I have presently aside from that weird .3gp thigie is a 3.3 meg .mp4. I got some mp3 audio, but it ain’t the same as seeing it played.

Maybe I’ll set up a YouTuber. I have some stuff up there, but it’s under my name and there’s no telling what comeatmebro might do should I let that PI out, eh … :wink:


Let me know when you’ve loaded up :))


If you wanna share yer mp4 with me on mediafire (or any filedrop that doesn’t need ftp) I’ll youtube it for ya. I have a junk YT account…you probably oughta get one too.


For Darla Starling. The video quality sucks, but I can work on that.


That was awesome!

Thanks so much for sharing that Reggie. That’s really impressive.

How many years have you been playing for?