H Ross Perot, debate your way in here


And where’s your Veep guy? He was whack!


Not to take anything away from Perot, but James Stockdale was the REAL FUKIN THING, yo. More so even than John McCain. And I recall that Stockdale got involved with a couple of movements after Ruby Ridge and Waco, and didn’t pussyfoot around about dissecting the FBI’s clown show or Janet Reno’s ineptitude.

If you haven’t seen the Waco footage with Stockdale’s voice-over helping you understand what you’re seeing, you’ve missed out.


And an FYI, this debate has played out on Twitter, Perot did not cost HW Bush the 92 election. When Perot dropped out from August to October for whatever threats real or imagined against his family, Clinton often had leads in head-to-head polling that were eight to ten points clear.


9/2/44 worst day in history