Hating on TRUMP doesn't pay teh bills folks


LMAO @ Salon…

If I were TRUMP I’d offer them free rent for a year but I’d get to pick ten writers to fire…


Oh I’ve been doing quite well with the Soros people.


I get my 5 cents a p0ast from the Yahoo Libshit Mobilization folks…


Come over to Soros, there paying a dime a post with production bonuses if you exceed so many posts a day, and bonuses for high reaction and response counts.


Not surprising you sold out to Big P0ast, man. Not like me at Yah… aw fukkit, yeah, sign me up.


God Bless this man and his shitshow.



And here’s a great one MR President, Christ The Angry Redeemer Church, in Coal Dust West Virginia put you on the weekly prayer list!


From the article:

"On days when there aren’t enough positive chyrons, communications staffers will ask the RNC staffers for flattering photos of the president. "

Describes a very, very pathetic situation.


Ohhh, do you remember this photo MR President? It’s that day you defeated ISIS on your very own golf course!


But the thought of those staffers waking up every morning, putting on suits, shaving, shining their shoes, trudging through the muggy streets of DC just to sift through piles of shit in order to prepare this propaganda is quite funny.


Harvard Law/MBA; “MR President, remember this day when you got to sit in the big truck?”


Oh, no kidding! What a great job, MAGA!


Will Trumpf be filing his 45th bankruptcy while in office?


Salon is almost Saloff.


They are the carnival geeks to tRump’s circus.


Wow. That website in the op has no issue with posting fallacious bullshit. I actually read the Slate article ABOUT (not in favor of) pedophiles. I have zero respect for people who make up shit to lather up the low-IQ voters. It’s just not funny when it makes the country a worse place than it already was.


It is the Dept. of Memes. It’s meant for having fun, that’s all. They made that site because they keep getting Zucced on Facebook and they want the memes to live on forever.