Have any of you felt this way?


It’s been ages since I’ve eating McDonald’s. Been doing keto. Anyways, I gave in and had some fries and now I feel sick. Must be my body telling me to toughen up and stick to no carbs, right?


Yes, that and the trans fat they use to cook the fries. Many decades ago, McD’s used tallow.

That would be a better more healthful choice.


I texted you earlier. Did you get it?


I didn’t see it. I’ll go look.


Could be. I got diagnosed type II a year ago, and doing a “lazy keto” I’ve lost a bunch of weight and got my sugar numbers back into the “healthy person” range. I haven’t had fast food since, and don’t really miss it yet… tho if I smell some McD fries I might go into addict withdrawal mode, so who knows how I’ll react. The rub is I guess balancing comfort food with what you expect to happen to you if you indulge.


Can I be a cousin by another auntie? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ve lost weight but I’m stuck at a certain number right now. I did six months straight keto/no cheating and lost 55 pounds. I need to get in that mode again but it’s hard


That’s fantastic!

My doctor recommended intermittent fasting. She said she lost 10 lbs (she was not overweight really) in a few months.

You eat your meals in a 8 hour period and then fast for the other 16.

You might try that and see what happens. And do more resistance exercise and build your muscle mass.


Also, if you do your cardio before you begin eating again, you will burn more from the belly. This is whether or not you do the intermittent fasting.


I walk about two miles every morning. I don’t eat from 7pm to 12pm. I know I threw myself out of ketosis with the McDonald’s tho.


My roommate sort of does this as a way of life. She’s very fit and athletic and vegan.


She’s probably a “eat to live” person.


I looked it up and she sort of eats that way but I don’t think she learned it from this book or any one source… When she first came out here she was about half vegan and still eating some meat… now she only eats fish or seafood about once a month… She spends most of her money on food and spends a lot of time every day chopping up veggies and cooking… She eats a lot too, it’s not like she’s really dieting. She’s gluten free too.

Here’s her breakfast I took a pic of yesterday… it’s all vegan…