Hey BD6 I hope you have your Squirrels under control/


You’ve tried flooding them out?


cayenne pepper - thank me later or not at all - they will be gone in a day


Lookit, these modern day gophers laugh at shit like flooding and cayenne pepper. No, I’m at Home Depot right now loading up on modern varmint weaponry. I’m going to hit them with poison gas, poison pellets and then the sonic spikes. It’s going to be a slaughter… like Patton at the Bulge.


What you do to the least of my critters you do unto me - Jebus



Yeah, I beat them

took me 18 years


I remember your solution to the bird seed problem. Here’s my problem: the squirrels are climbing my mature apple trees and taking off the baby apples. What can I do? Thanks in advance.


I dunno - you have to put a metal baffle around it - they eat plastic

the thing is they can jump from other trees or a roof if available

They used to jump for a tree or the roof so I put the feeder 6 inches farther out then they can jump to watch the show

check this out from the net


I caught the squirrel in the act yesterday. I had seen her on the ground before eating one of the marble sized apples. This time I saw her in the tree doing a high wire act trying to make an apple fall. I know the squirrel is only try to make a living but it can be very frustrating.

I refrain from getting pissed, I reserve that for humans. They know better, or they should.



That’s not funny - people are hurt animals are assholes