Hey Y'all got any more of that Bliss?


Charles O’Rear with his iconic and at one time probably the most seen photo in the entire gottdamn world.


Since XP one can change the image you see on startup (and of course the desktop) to whatever you like. Here’s mine, I took it at Lake Bled in 2008


I love Bled! I spent ten days there in 2005. We rowed over to the island and went swimming there. Beautiful! The color of the water is really something.

Rang the bell in the church, too.

PS, my desk top background is a slideshow of Roman ruins.


I actually didn’t recognize the pic in your op. I don’ think I ever had it for more than a minute.


To my Fellow Cool kids with Windows 10, when I first installed 10 they would rotate the pics on start up, and vote for them, so if you liked landscape type pics, they would supposedly show you more of that or urban etc, well since I had some hiccups a week or so ago, my start up is stuck on that one pic they have of those green grassy hillsides with the herd of sheep and the shepherd anyone else experiencing that?


This is mine - I made it myself


Yes, but mine is stuck on a pic of a wooden door surrounded by greenery.


Hmm, so it must be them, and not my aging laptop.


Been using this one for some time. It always gets a laugh.


You must have a strong stomach.

Or else you’re a sociopath.



Actually it makes everyone laugh. We just want to have a good time after all.


It would be funny, I suppose, if it weren’t so bad, (so sick!).


What is the caption



“Pull my thumb, BRRRT!” LOL!


Did you notice how small those thumbs are?


Oddly enough, it was the first thing I noticed.


This one is nice - DE does not think so thou


Have you posted that before because I’ve seen that before I just can’t remember where.


He’s posted it here before, thats a photo of his aura.


My desktop is a slideshow of beautiful wild beaches