Highest trade defict in ten years


I thot cheets was gona fix this


He touched it and it turned to shit.

He’s a leper.


The 4 highest stock market single day point drops have happened under Trump, WINNING!


Calm yourselves down. It’s called a correction.


I’m just waiting for TRUMP to take credit for the drop like he did for the gains.


Lmao -


Obama increased the national debt by 10 Trillion Dollas. Fixing his mess takes time.:slightly_smiling_face:


You baby boomers are costing us a lot of money.


Still almost double 2016


No, it’s not almost double.



And he builds airplanes that people fly in


I hope he has the new talking calipers at work so he don’t have to cipher


Lol wtf are those.

I use an analog 12" Mitutoyo.


24k is almost double of 15k.

I said almost, yknow, a general term.



Not that bad


First, it wasn’t at 15k. Secondly, if it’s 16 or 17k, double would be 32 or 34k.

MATH, not THAT hard.


Well, it depends, dunnit.


15k is half 30k. 24k is near to 30k duh.



learn it


clearly it’s a BIG problem for some

And he is making planes…dang.