Hippies and negroes destroyed Murrica!


I think these folks would do well to read de Tocqueville and see that America was more or less a scam from the beginning. Once they ran out of land to steal the cracks started appearing.


Hippies brought us “high” tech, and without blacks well music would sure look very sad. :stuck_out_tongue: If they truly believed in their con ideology they would totally give up the modern world and go live in a cave somewhere instead of reading garbage on the Devil’s infernal machine… :stuck_out_tongue:


I think bourgeois culture carries the seeds of its own decline inside itself.



Could you even imagine gettin your buzz on and trying to get your dirty dancin’ on to Ludwig Van? Hey I love me some Ludwig, but ya can’t boogey down to that shit.


You can put it that way.

The thing is, things went so well, we became too much for the planet. This is the basis of everything. The ultra rich wouldn’t be bothering with destroying the rest if they didn’t have a good reason for it

They are going to use the poor to destroy the middle class, which is devouring every resource it needs at record paces

Whatever’s left of it, will be used to serve them

This is what happens when you bring technology to the whole fucking world full of backwards savages with their “cultures”.

And to be sincere, only the real stupid didn’t see this coming. And even the ones who did see it coming, had to play along.


They pursue unlimited growth and consumption. In the industrial age the rich needed an educated middle class but they really don’t anymore.


No self respecting woman wants to be s 50’s housewife Roose much as weak men like you may wish. You conservatives just want society and government at large to control all women because you are too lazy or thoughtless to understand what a woman needs and what pleases her so you are like the Taliban or Islamic State or Boko Haram. Hippies invented a lot of thing and no way they are bad. They invented granola the Dr Bronners soap craze and Costa Rica just to name a few and what have you got againt Black people MISTER? :angry:


Don’t we all…don’t we all. (slightlyfeignedsortofbutnotreallypretendknowingphonyfakeheadnod smiley)


Yeah, Americans! Go back to serving your corporate masters the way God intended you to do and everything will be apple pie and rippling flags again!

Wow. That article is really specious.