Hot day


Still 93 out here, usually it has dropped to around 73 by 7:30, even on a hot day…


It was a nice sunny coastie day here today, but this afternoon, I did notice some clouds being blown out to sea, which means an east wind, this time of year, that means hot dry air coming from the hinterlands, which means higher than avg. temps in areas effected by sich.

this just shows the cloud and temp forecast but this many clear days suggests an east wind.



55 tonight here with a NE breeze and 70 tomorrow. There’s talk of some 80’s next week


I went down to the beach at sunset a bit ago, and it was back to the regular “northerly flow” tonight.


Hot AF


Tomorrow too


Yeah, I know…:sweat:


Mid eighties here in CT, low humidity and alternating sun and clouds.:slightly_smiling_face:


Been ninety and humid for a week or more, but got a cool respite last night with lows below 70 and a high of 82 today…then back to the August grind for a while.