How Amazon is screwing the USA


I also find it hysterically funny that you think Dore is hip.


He’s a dork.


Fuck you, too.


Hipsters are dorks, Lotus.

Why so nasty, Lotus?


It’s really not easy trying to talk to people of such average IQ. I should stop trying.


She was the one being nasty. She just said that she agrees that I can’t formulate an opinion on my own.

Why not ask her what her problem is?


I’ll take a side by side with the likes of you any day, Lotus. Name the time and place.


I’m not slapping your wrist for it, I just don’t agree with that part of your post and I wanted to make that clear.


Maybe she’s perceptive. Though I mostly wouldn’t consider that “a problem” as you put it.


Yeah. The oligarchs are raping the working class blind, polluting the planet, flooding the MSM with propaganda, and killing the middle class, but we should worry about comedians on youtube.


Hey…I said “If this wasn’t smattered with personal insult” That means I agree with it aside from his shots at you.

God Lotus, I know you can read better than this.


You agree with what, exactly, then? His point was that I can’t make up my own mind, that I need a hipster to tell me what I think.


I can not even tell you how boring and trite that sort of comment is. It’s why I prefer something real, like what you had for dinner - something on which you can speak authoritatively.


Trite and boring?

Wow. You are a bona fide tool. A blind one at that.


I believe his point was that people are handed opinions from all sorts of sources including “hipsters” and comedians rather than just being given the facts so they can make up their own minds.

Again, I made it very clear I was excusing myself from the insult of you.


No, he clearly addressed it to ME. And you know that.


Could you say something I haven’t been hearing for the last 4 or 5 decades? Good god - you act like this is all amazing new information and perspective. It isn’t.


And I CLEARLY said if it wasn’t smattered with the insult of you I would agree with him. I also know you know that “would” expresses condition. So yes, I did know exactly what he said and excused myself from the insult of you. So before you launch off into a tirade of utter bullshit in my direction try not completely ignoring half of what I write.


Information doesn’t have to be new for it to be relevant. Are you really that ignorant?

I’m much more concerned about your latest frock coat or hiking boots than I am about the total destruction of democracy and the middle class. Your frock coat has much greater impact on me than my paycheck and my kids’ futures, after all.


There is no way that post could have not been about me. It was in response to what I believe and posted about. He called me an idiot, basically, and you agreed. There’s no way to weasel out of it. Saying “people” who think that are idiots is the same as saying I’m an idiot, because I think it. Sheeeesh.

It doesn’t matter, though. I’ve known what you think of me since your first day here.


Well - be that as it may, I’d like to know what you’re wearing.