How Amazon is screwing the USA


I don’t see anyone telling you what your opinion or observation should be but you can’t deny you were getting up Lotus’s ass.


I meant, I don’t have to read, watch, or listen to any “entertainers” expounding their philosophy du jour while cashing a check for the performance. I can take a look around and see what’s going on without a guide.


Ahhhh I see. I just would prefer the facts without all the damn commentary that goes with it.


I think opinion and individual perspective is important, so long as it’s given as a personal view and not what you aught to think if you identify as such and such, and I mean without cherry picking “facts” and obscuring a broader perspective.


Well, Mr Hater, neither do I. I was simply posting the video to share it, not because I am a zombie who awaits a comedian to tell me what to think.

The fact that that’s what you took away from my op tells me, loudly and clearly, that you have a huge bug up your ass, and you take every opportunity available to paint a negative picture of me.

I was just sharing.

Grow up.



It’s what I’ve gotten from reading your posts for years. Some topic hits the “news” (usually old news) and there you are - the cause’s avant garde, here to explain it to us sleepy heads. It’s a boring troll, Lotus. Get a new one.


It’s not a troll. It’s a public service.

Your troll, however, is actaully really sad. It makes me feel sorry for you.


Speaking of sad - you actually think telling people what someone told you is important is a public service. Now that’s sad.


This article is from Janury 2018. That may make it seem like old news to some people with short attention spans, but since things have probably not changed much since January, it’s still pretty relevant.

Newsweek is not a comedian, by the way.


You’re just a typical white lib, Lotus. Old hat. Dime a dozen.


What, did you give Oak your password?


Even Oak was right about some things.


Aren’t you white, Holly?


Maybe - but I’m not a lemming Lib like you.


No. You’re a lemming with no convictions whatsoever, outside your hatred of women and Latinos.


This is old news in the sense that all these fuckers seem to pull this shit. They get ridiculously rich off the backs of their employees. The labour movement here has paired up with socially responsible investing groups to try to limit CEO benefits and pay but it’s been an uphill battle.

I honestly don’t know what’s it’s going to take for people to realize that accumulating wealth to the point that the disparity between the top and the bottom is so great that these companies will run out of consumers.


NOU YOUPS! :laughing:


The original game of Monopoly was created as an illustration of that very outcome - but somehow it was perverted into a best selling money maker by merchandisers. Go figure.


Interesting take on it.