How Amazon is screwing the USA


There’s much better ways to make change with these companies. I like the shareholder approach. They don’t like it when their bottom lins is challenged.


before being rudely interrupted by a meatshield I had tried to open a discussion into what makes the communities who rely on WalMart run. Low wage jobs, government assistance, no schooling, a day-ahead-of-the-hounds mentality, lack of choices (we have all seen and understood that what - decades now?). They will go to the closest, cheapest place to shop, and have no consciousness re: quality/durability of product, potential alternatives etc. Everything in their lives is extremely immediate - from satisfying need, to gratification. Everything quite ephemeral. Many of them being rural or ruralish, are Republican - that in spite of their dependence on Democratic championed programs. The armor of the system is quite sturdy - they are less inclined to protest and community action. It seems to me that replacing an SSI check with education and useful work would yield more than a boycott. These people are lacking in self worth - so those are the issues to address first, not imagining they will shut down the one store available to them that’s in their range of travel, and budget.


I don’t expect anyone to protest their own self interests but I don’t think people often know what their best interest is until it’s too late.


Well - case in point.

I see Spoon is about to be oppositional - do his meatshield thang. I got more important things to do.




WalMart - and the communities they serve?


Before copping a 'tude about it, you really should consider that what drives Walmart dominated communities is actually not the same topic as “How Amazon is screwing the USA.”

Perhaps if you started a new thread without any ad hom trolls in the OP, about your preferred subject, you might get the conversation you claim to seek.


I’ll tell you - Walmart fucks over communities.


Are he and I not conversing?


Would you like to see me use the entire moderator’s toolbox on this thread?


I suppose you are, if you skip over the butthurt callouts.


I did not introduce WalMart into the thread - Lotus did not object, but as I mentioned - her loyal meatshield is just being oppositional and embarrassing himself further. I hope he receives the reward he craves.


And the callouts on the butthurt callouts. :slight_smile:


If it makes you feel powerful, in charge, useful. It’s all you’ll have to do to make you feel good about you today. Clearly intelligent discourse is beyond you - so slash away, meatshield.


Thanks for the reminder. So do I.


I don’t now about Spoon, but I feel really goof about me today!


…be off then.


I suppose I could say that was beneath you - but it wasn’t.


This thread needs a group hug.


If at first your troll doesn’t succeed, try, try again! Of course, we know you always do!