How Many CBT Members are


…planning to throw their hats into the ring and run for Pres?:grin:


I would make a good pres

I would mothball AF1 day one - no more leaving the USA


There were a crapload of GOP candidates in 2016… and look who rose to the top


Nah, maybe I an be a senator like mcconnell. Go in, stay around for 30 years screwing my constituents and other Americans, retiring with several hundred million dollars.

Much easier and more lucrative than the presidency.


I gave ya a like
But the pres can score more cash in 30 seconds then 3 senate terms - j/s


At least we all know how to read unlike the piggish thing that’s president now.


Clearly you don’t understand the use of AF1


Enlighten me grasshopper

please don’t fucking tell me it some command and control platform fer the endtimes - cause in a real war it will not last 9 seconds

Clearly I don’t understand?? - yer a fucking simpleton - just sayin - it’s not yer fault - you will grow wiser


Widebody aircraft for command and control whole flying around CONUS and OCONUS.


I give up

help me anyone - OAK APEY SPOON


And those I overlooked - Billdo and witchy

they really planted this lifer bullshit deep in you boro

what the fuck good is command and control when half the fukin planet is vaporized

Yer bullshit planes will be falling out the sky - within the 9 seconds I stated - dis is a fact

trillions that cud have gone fer good going for fuking bullshit instead

I got news fer ya - we ain’t top dog no more

you cud only be top dog when others are scardy cats of you and no one is


You don’t think the president has to work when he’s flying across the US? Or internationally?

Jesus Christ
I’m not talking “end times” I’m talking day to day business whole traveling from place to place.

Also you bitch about ad hominem and here you are, ya fucking hypocrite.


The cream always rises to the top.:rofl:


After my failed attempt into politics, I realized
I was naturally handicapped in such a way as
to make it VERY unlikely I would ever be elected
to a political office.

That brake between your brain and your mouth,
that prevents you from saying shit that (although
it’s true) will piss people off? Mine doesn’t work.

I’d be assassinated about 15 minutes after taking office.


I sold cars for a lot of years, and I can’t tell you the joy I felt when I went to work at this one store that did not automatically assume the customer was always right, and that we should be allowed at least one “blow out” each month, ie, tell some asshole customer to just GTFO. It didn’t happen very often, but when it did the look on the dumfuks face was usually priceless,‘you’re telling me to leave, but imma customer, I should be able to act like a spoiled child with you’


Sorry mang…yer just having one of yer extra grumpy days. I’m on vacation from schooling youngsters this week, and it ain’t over till Monday.


I really think the generation he’s from is going to finish us off.

They know everything
They’re better at doing everything

They’re also dumber than rancid turds

Sorry, but we’re fucked.


Didn’t they also say that about my generation, and yours?


It is the obligation of the new gens to insult the senses of the old gens


Not my generation, we were largely ignored.

Have you worked with this group of kids yet?