How's that diversity working out for you, England?


And before you all bitch saying “we don’t know the race of the attackers”, in this article, it says they were both “Asian”, which is just how they refer to muslims there nowadays

This is exactly the kind of shit you’d expect to happen in places like Brazoo or India, not the UK.


As a mother, wtf is a 15 year old doing walking alone in the wee hours of the morning?

I’m glad they picked up the first set of rapists. I hope they catch the cab driver too.

Just out of curiousity, did you get all incensed about all the other rapes that happened in the U.K. in the last week or so or just the one by “Asians”?


This one got my attention because not only she was raped, she was raped AGAIN by some opportunistic piece of muslim scum to whom she asked for helped, you know, after being raped THE FIRST TIME.

And she wouldn’t have any problem in walking the streets, no matter the hours, if the country wasn’t infested with some of the lowest form of scum in this planet.

The UK is infested with muslim and other 3rd world trash and that’s my point, in case you missed it.


And don’t worry Starling, in a decade or so, considering how Canada is going down the same stupid road the UK did, you’ll have the same sort of thing happening there.


No no Rancid, I got your point but I still don’t understand why a 15 year old girl was walking alone in the wee hours of the morning.

I hope they roast them all.

That said, you don’t know they are Muslims and if they were, they are really shitty ones.



Well, they probably just missed the UK assimilation class where they taught all about how raping 15 year olds was wrong. Not to worry, they will get the hang of being civilized…eventually. Just give it time…2…3…4… :laughing:


They were probably my born in England


Yes, even the ones born there don’t assimilate, what hope is there that the immies will civilize. And it’s all whitey’s fault. Maybe England should establish accommodating Rape-OK Zones, and general laws like females on the street after 10 PM are fair game etc. I mean, how unfair to think immigrants should have to adopt the host country’s social values. Unfair…so unfair.


People born there aren’t immigrants.


Have a cup of coffee, take a few tokes - you’ll get the point. Moose limbs do not assimilate no matter homies or immies…


I think that would make things even worse


She isn’t listening.


Mi amigo, me asimilaré tan pronto como termine de ver un programa de televisión que es, afortunadamente, en español.


Except all the ones that do.


So you know ones that convert to sanity, or do they quietly believe that their one and only true god will kill everyone who doesn’t believe and obey him?


No I know all about it. I read up on the profile of jihadis in France. They tend to be young Muslim males who know fuck all about Islam, who drink, party, and commit crimes. They end up in jail where they are converted (not at mosques - that’s only a big thing in England).

Would you like the article? I’ll dig it up for you.


The latest jihadis aren’t devouts. They are people who hate the West but don’t really love Islam either. They don’t want sharia law. They don’t want to live under Muslim rule either.


You think something is new there? Here in the US in the 60s/70s to present. Islam has been converting young criminals in prisons. This is one way they recruit into their warrior class. They grab those who feel disenfranchised and use their hate toward “oppressors” to focus violence against the dominant culture. Don’t think that because you know some “nice” Moose Limbs that if push came to shove that they would side with you and western liberal values over Islam - and those are not reconcilable.


That’s definitely not the impression I was given. I was told these jihadis are devout Islamics who are trying to convert the world. We have to ban burkas because it’s a sign of evil, control, misogyny, etc, while jihadis don’t give a fuck about any of it.

What bothers me is the failure to recognize the integration that exists, that jails are breeding grounds for terrorism over mosques, and us shitting on Islam isn’t doing a damn thing.