How's that diversity working out for you, England?


Well, we probably just aren’t shitting hard enough.


Yeah let’s create a further divide because that’s helpful.

/rolling eyes


The divide is as that between night and day. You can neither engreaten or lessify it.


Why not? It’s invented too.


Ancient Aliens?


No those are real!


So should I order that Rosetta Stone course on Arabic?


Yes - order the Ali Ali Akbar-a-BOOM! series. It’s really all the modern Moose Limb convert needs to know.


This is an awesome one on terrorists.


I won’t read that. Things have been a little tough lately, and my inherent nihilism is on the verge of bustin loose. I’m afraid I may be inspired to join IS or buy a white van and run over some sidewalk.pedestrians.

PS: Just more “Lib” denial that the violence has anything to do with Islam, even though it has followed it everywhere for 14 centuries.
I do not care for these apologists.


No apologies are made in that article.


Right, because during that time no violence has been in the name of Jesus.


Nice attempted deflection, sir. But to answer your question, please search my many pleas that all xtians drop fucking dead and spare the world any further misery. :smiley: :

PS: Ever see the move “The Best Offer”?


I don’t think any deflection is necessary. You don’t really want to know what’s going on with jihadis any more than the rest of us do.


Oh, I get it. Islam is adaptable where it comes to finding the dim bulbs it uses to advance its prime objective. And whitey is to blame. I totally get it. No really…I do.





Why are y’all judging the religion on .0000001% of their people?


I’m not :slight_smile:


Of course you’re not… you’re an intelligent individual. :slight_smile:


Of course, I should hasten to point out that it is the dimmest of the dim bulbs that are recruited as the rank and file of the warrior class in any society.