How's that diversity working out for you, England?


Could you take Bromo in fight, i mean if you wanted to?


…because whoever wins will be right.

Might makes Right. :wink:

Might that not be right?


War does not determine who is right.

War determines who is left.


I’m gonna take his answer as a no,

but nonetheless,

Wabbit is correct.


I say, what’s all this then?

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:

The Berlin mosque breaking Islamic taboos -


It is, perhaps, proof that not all Muslims are alike.


Actually if you read the article I posted, current jihadis tend to be fairly well educated.


Honestly, @rancidmilko , no 15-year-old girl is safe walking alone at night anywhere in the entire world. She could be raped by a man or men of any race or ethnicity.

What the world needs to do is figure out WTF is wrong with men. They rape, they start wars, they pillage, they turn women and girls into prostitutes, they murder their girlfriends, wives, and children. What is the matter with you people?

ALL men should be deported to another planet. GTFO!!!


But you are right. No white Englishman ever raped anyone. Especially not anyone underage.




Women made me a pimp. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ted Bundy was a sharp, young and good looking up and comer in law school and active in` Republican politics, and in his rare free time he liked to savagely murder and then rape the pretty girls corpses, sometimes even days later.


Yeah. He was pretty much white, wasn’t he? And not a Muslim?


No, I doubt if a 70’s yuppie Republican in Seattle in the 70’s was Muslim.


And he definitely wasn’t a woman.


I know quite a few “well educated” dim bulbs, Starling. If they are stupid enough to be muslims they are not well educated, if they were they would have thrown off the lies and ignorance of monotheism.


Enyway - to answer your question more directly - I hadn’t wanted to mention but he is rather effeminate looking so Yes, him and his faggy friends. I mean let me ask you this, what kind of a homo does his fighting at 1000 yards when his “opponent” isn’t even aware of a threat, maybe is eating a sammich. You want to fight, you look your foe in the eye, they in yours, none of this woosey drone strike stuff. Plus, everyone knows real men negotiate and pass insults and don’t bother with the primitive “arts”.


They aren’t devout Muslims so there’s that.


What about his inner Lesbian?


At least we agree that the truly well educated are not muslim. :laughing: