How's that diversity working out for you, England?



You live in a topsy turvy world. If the vast majority of men weren’t basically loving to their SO’s the species wouldn’t have survived…FACT

If there is an actual problem with men it is that they are frequently emotionally distant from other men. That doesn’t cause war but it makes war possible.


The species doesn’t need loving men for it to survive. It just needs men to run around putting their dicks in us.


I’m game.


Is that kinda like saying not all Muslims are terrists?


Oh, please! There is no way that women could have fought off the dinosaurs without men.


We survive men don’t we? Dinosaurs would be cake!


Nothing, @rancidmilko?


Jimmy’s not a Muslim! (Funnier when read with Austrian accent)


What’s the percentage of rapes committed by white English men, Lotus?

What’s the percentage of them committed by diversity?

Although you can blame other crimes like theft and even murder on poverty, what does raping women has to do with it?

Poor people have a stronger sexual urge?


Just so you know, you cannot answer your questions either as that information is not publicly available.

Rape is generally a crime of power and control, not sexual urge.


This is revelatory of your complete lack of understanding of the crime of rape.


I think that he was being facetious.:wink:


Liberals like to complicate things too much sometimes, saying that rapist do it because they want “power and control”

Other people are more practical, and instead of asking “why?” we ask “how to stop the scum from doing it?”

Because in the end, we think that the fact that the woman was raped and will have to carry that for the rest of her life is more important than the “psychology” of the criminal.


Not asking why is “practical”?


Ask why after the rapist is in jail

And don’t forget that 90% of all rapists will be committing the crime again if they have the chance.


So how do you get rapists to stop if you don’t understand their psychology?

Come on rancid, you are smarter than this.


Please note this isn’t an actual statistic that even remotely resembles the reality of recidivism rates amoung rapists:

"More recently, Hanson and Morton-Bourgon (2004) conducted a meta-analysis of 95 studies involving a combined sample of 31,216 sex offenders. The average sexual recidivism rate found was 13.7 percent and the average overall recidivism rate was 36.9 percent, based on an average followup period of 5 to 6 years.’


One would ask why Rancid feels the need to lie about this, but apparently asking why is not practical.


The rate of them being caught, that is…


Of course. I don’t think 77% of offenders don’t get caught again as it’s been suggested.