I am starting to like Erdogan




Nah, he wants to Kashoggi Trailblazer Center Enes Kanter, a practicing Turk. We need him if we’re going to make a run in the playoffs.




Enes’ sin? he’s pro that guy that lives up the road from you.


Obi-wan - yeah Obi-wan is cool

I know a guy that has friends that do work in that complex - he told me they get treated very well once they are accepted


He is a fucking idiot if he thinks trump will help

He will be on a fucking jet to turkey

The NBA star said he hopes to speak with President Trump, whom he thinks may be the “only one who can help those innocent people."


Sad but true, Trump is probably a Knicks fan too.


Because of all the winning!


But, of course. Sports Illustrated is fake news.