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Under extreme pressure testing, a portion of pre-flight testing where they push the plans to the limits- they found the limit.

Door popped off a 777X, side note from insider information, they use beefed up 777 doors. Apparently they weren’t strong enough for the higher pressurization of the 777x cabin.

can’t wait for this plane to get airborne, it’s been a blast to work on :wink:


The wundermint here is that they even tested it.

I mean the FAA is sucking boeing cock so why bother?

Get em in the air - make money - pay for deaths later - much cheaper that way

let the dead people do your testing


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The new boeing doctrine

Dead People Test Cheaper


Everything is tssted by the FAA
A self-certify, which us mechanics condemn, is completely different thing. The FAA has really tightened down.


“The testing conditions were well beyond any load expected in commercial service. The event is under review and the team is working to understand root cause.”

Traditionally, these tests push the aircraft to the breaking point estimated by the manufacturers, and are essential to obtain certification from regulators.



The FAA is a fucking joke

It should simply be done away with

Like UL

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You’re such a blithering fucking idiot that you can’t separate the plane program.

This is a post about the 777x, not the 737 Max.

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Does the FAA have a separate room for boeing to give blowjobs -


Each plane is treated by Boeing AND the FAA as a separate company and entity.


It’s that supposed to prove something?


Makes it easier to hide wire transfers to Swiss accounts


FYI the test was successful. The point was to push it to the absolute extremes. That’s the breaking point- find out where it breaks.

They thought the windows would go, but it turns out the windows are too solid (which is far better).

Just an equivalent to them breaking the wings.


It’s called

Modulus of rupture


I think the kids call it “Failure Mode” now.


I think “finding out how much over the service pressures and fatigue will it break” is a little better.